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Oikku Design
Rovaniemi - Finland

© 2019 Oikku Design


Oikku Design is a one woman design company founded in 2018 in Rovaniemi. Oikku Design jewelry collection originate first of all from the love for handmade items and reindeer leather. Oikku Design designs and makes jewelry from reindeer leather and rhodium plated sterling silver. 


The idea of the jewelry is to bring up the best features of reindeer leather - softness and lightness. Reindeer leather is beautiful material, which is excellently suitable for jewelry. It is so lightweight that even the biggest earrings doesn't weight your ears.

Reindeer leather is combined with rhodium plated sterling silver. Good quality materials guarantee long lasting jewelry. Rhodium plating prevents the silver from tarnish. Rhodium plated silver is slightly darker than sterling silver without plating. With the right care and storage the jewelry will last shiny for a long time.


The inspiration for the jewelry come from the northern nature and its changing seasons and beautiful vivid colors. The eight seasons in Lapland provide an unique and versatile environment for designing. Shape of the jewelry resembles e.g. dwarf birch leaves or berry bunches. Colors of the jewelry as just as vivid as the northern lights in mid-winter. 

Jewelry is handmade in Rovaniemi which is also the home town of the company. Company core values are ecological and sustainable thinking, which can be seen in the material choices but also in the everyday activities.

Welcome and enjoy! 

Love from Rovaniemi,