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Oikku Design
Rovaniemi - Finland

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Reindeer leather

Reindeer leather is processed by another company in Finland and leather is cut for the jewelry in Rovaniemi by ourselves. The origin countries for the hides are Finland and Norway. The leather used in the jewelry is C-quality, which can be uneven or have holes in it. For the jewelry making C-quality leather is a perfect choice, because the holes and uneven parts can be avoided. Even the smallest pieces of leather can be used in Oikku jewelry! As a company in the future we aim to acquire also pre-consumer and post-consumer waste.


Every reindeer hide is unique. Reindeer leather is extremely soft and lightweight material, which suits perfectly for jewelry. Reindeer leather is also a very strong material even though it is lightweight and silky. Reindeer leather is a traditional handicraft material in Finnish Lapland and it can be used to make clothing as well as bags and jewelry. Reindeer leather also age nicely!

Rhodium plated sterling silver

Sterling silver is 92,5% silver and 7,5% other metals. Usually the combined metal is copper. The sterling silver parts doesn't contain nickel! Sterling silver is widely used in jewelry. Plain silver is too soft to use in jewelry, so usually it's combined with other metal. 

Silver is shiny and beautiful material, but it will tarnish over time. This is the reason why in Oikku jewelry we use rhodium plated sterling silver. Rhodium plating prevents the silver from tarnish and also makes the silver parts slightly stronger. Rhodium plating is widely used in white gold jewelry. Rhodium plated silver parts are slightly darker than uncoated silver. Rhodium is safe and tolerated material and these is no indication that it will cause allergy. 

This is how you guarantee a long lasting jewelry!

  • Store the jewelry in the box it comes in. All the jewelry come packed in a beautiful box which can be used as a storage.

  • Don't let the jewelry get wet! (Reindeer leather can endure a little bit of water, but we DO NOT recommend to let it get wet!)

  • Don't let your jewelry get in touch with cosmetics (moisturizers, perfume etc.). I recommend you dress the jewelry after putting on perfume or hair spray.